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Blog - Provigil often issued for promoting wakefulness contains the active ingredient Modafinil


Provigil often issued for promoting wakefulness contains the active ingredient Modafinil. It is known to affect the chemicals in the brain. The drug is quite popular in the US, Canada and Europe. You may be able to buy Provigil at both online and retail stores. The prices vary from one seller to the other. Moreover with Provigil being a patented drug the costs in the US are especially high. For long term users of Provigil, this turns out to be quite an expensive affair. Most long-termers tend to generally look at foreign online pharmacies especially Canadian as the place-to-go-to for their medication due to their lower costs, better buying experience and customer support.

What are the prices of Provigil in the US versus those available in Canadian online pharmacies?

The most commonly issued dosages for Provigil are 100mg and 200mg pills. Let’s look at the retail prices of Provigil in the US. Thirty tablets of Provigil 200mg costs between $1300 and $1470 across major retail outlets. The 100mg pill varies from $855 to $973. Also sixty pills of Provigil 100mg costs between $1700 and $1973 while the same quantity for the 200mg variant ranges between $2500 and $2951. You can imagine that branded medication can be an expensive affair in the US and can cost a fortune. Even those who have medical insurance may not be able to cover all their costs also when coupled with practitioner fees it may turn out to be a nightmare for the average American.

Plenty of foreign online pharmacies have cropped up in the past few years trying to fill this void

Canada being the nearest neighbor has turned out be an attractive place to set up shop. provigil cost in the online drug store differs based on brand version and generic version. Customers buying Provigil online from Canada may be able to save significant dollars on shipping costs itself along-with the inherent low prices of Provigil sold online. For example sixty pills of generic 200mg Provigil costs only $72, ninety costs $103 and one hundred and twenty pills costs $135. Branded pills also cost lower with thirty capsules of 100mg pills ranging between $400 to $500 while the 200mg costs between $700 and $900.

There are plenty of online portals that offer sample Provigil pills especially for the generic versions of the drug in order to allow the customer to experience the action caused by it. Based on the effectiveness of the drug he may be able to place a bulk order on the website.
Customers buying Provigil online at a canadian pharmacy may be able to save anything between 25-30% including shipping charges also without taking into accounts any discounts, rebates or coupons they may be eligible for.
Canadian online pharmacies offer frequent customers with a whole host of benefits encompassing promotional discounts, offer coupons, rebates and additional pills in order to encourage repeat orders and drive traffic. For the average customer buying Provigil he may be able to save anything between fifty percent of the cost that may otherwise be incurred in retail outlets.


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