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Blog - When is the best time to take Fildena?


Fielden is a generic Viagra, which differs from it for the better by all points. This is an extremely effective tool that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, and to improve potency. In other words, with Fielden and the young, and a man of age can become a giant of sex.

The reason for this effect is that unlike the usual Viagra and its other generics, Fildena contains much more sildenafil, the main active substance. In one pill it is so much that 78% of our customers consume only half or a third of the pill to achieve the desired effect.

This feature allows a man to reveal his potential and save on medicines, because, despite the saturation of sildenafil, Fielden costs less than Viagra.

Why is sexual stimulation important for Fildena to work?

In order to understand why sexual arousal is necessary for Fildena to work, one should first know how a normal erection happens. During sexual arousal the body releases nitric oxide in the penile region. This chemical helps increase the level of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), which in turn helps the smooth muscles along the penis to relax and have increased blood flow for producing a hard erection. Men with ED typically produce low levels of nitric oxide and there is not enough vasodilation to produce a strong erection or to maintain it throughout the sexual activity. By inhibiting PDE5, the drug enables to maintain the cGMP cycle when there is sufficient nitric oxide produce during sexual stimulation. In the absence of foreplay or sexual stimulation, the drug cannot produce a natural erection.

How to ensure that Fildena is effective for you

Fildena typically takes an hour for the peak effects to be felt and this usually lasts for around four to five hours. It helps a lot if you are more open with the partner regarding the use of the drug as the person can help in stimulating arousal. Remember that you have four hours to actually engage in sexual activity, so there is no pressure to perform. Ensure that you do not consume alcohol or any fatty foods as these can lessen the effects of the pill. Taken right, the drug is highly effective in about 80% of the men who have used it. Avoid taking more than one dose in a day and always consult with the doctor for titration of the dose. Do not be shy to use various methods for sexual stimulation as they really help and are necessary in gaining a natural erection with Fildena.


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