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Blog - Provigil is a medication that is in need for improving cognitive skills

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Provigil is a medication that is in need for improving cognitive skills, as well as treating narcolepsy or sleep apnea. But when it comes to the rate Provigil is very costly. Then came the generic version of Provigil and it is commonly called as Modafinil.
There is much cost difference between a generic and brand Provigil in online drug stores and let us look that in detail.

What is the cost of brand Provigil?

Provigil price is very high because the French manufacturing company of this medication had a patent for it. This medication is available in the dosage strength of 100 mg and 200 mg. The rate of Provigil with the dosage strength of 100 mg would cost around $987.60 for 30 pills approximately in online drug stores. You would be paying $32 for a single 100 mg pill in average. For the 200 mg dose you would be paying $1490 in average for 30 pills in a mail order pharmacy. A single 200 mg pill of Provigil would be around $49. Those who have insurance can manage the expense of Provigil. But those patients whose insurance doesn’t cover this drug have to pay it from their wallet. This medication has to be taken for a longer period and it is not possible to pay this huge amount each and every time from the pocket. If a buyer chooses a reputed online pharmacy, the Provigil can be purchased at a cheaper rate.

What is the cost of Provigil generic?

After the patent expired generic Provigil was made available by other drug manufacturing companies, under names like modafinil and modvigil. The price of generic medication is very cheap when compared to the brand one.

Price of generic Provigil for the dosage strength of 200 mg in an online pharmacy has a price tag of $ 3 per pill in approximate. $2 would be the rate of a single pill of generic Provigil online with the dosage strength of 100 mg. The above mentioned are the prices for 30 tablets. But, when you choose a legitimate online pharmacy you can buy provigil 200mg at just $1.14 per pill.

Why there is price difference between generic and brand Provigil?

Brand Provigil was manufactured by a drug company after so much of research. To make it known to the people they had invested so much in marketing. Since it is the first medication in the market, the investment is also high. It is very important for them to get profit so they set a premium price for brand Provigil. There are no competitors for the brand drug due to the patent hence people should pay the high cost and purchase the medication. On the other hand, there are many generic manufacturing companies for Provigil. They make this same medication and do not have big investments. In this case, generic Provigil can be sold at a cheaper rate. Second factor is that, many companies are there to sell generic medication so stay in the competitive market they fix low price for Provigil. Even though they fix a low price for generic Provigil they can still make profit from it..
Though there are much differences in price, people can buy generic version of Provigil as it provides the same effectiveness on the condition just like the brand drug. It is up to you to choose which drug you want.


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