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Blog - Cheap Clomid online in United States

Clomid online legally Canadian online pharmacies are most flooded online pharmacies in the current times. Many US customers opt to buy Clomid from Canada instead of going to their local drugstores or US based online pharmacies. The reason behind this phenomenon is the unwavering advantages a Canadian pharmacy offers its users. Features of such pharmacies from Canada are given below.

Cheap Clomid

Compared to Clomid brand available in the USA, Clomid in Canada is almost 50% cheaper and this reduction in price will drive any person to choose a Canadian online pharmacy. The price is so low in a Canadian online pharmacy is because the health care industry is centralized in Canada and the government bargains with the pharmaceutical companies and decides a price for the pill and it is sold in the entire country for the same price. The US however, recommends purchasing only from US based pharmacies that are approved by the State boards and only carry FDA approved drugs. But it is also legal to obtain Clomid from a Canadian drugstore if you have a doctor written prescription. You can reduce the prices even lower by picking a discount pharmacy in Canada itself. There are many such online portals and you can easily find them by doing a bit of research

High-quality Clomid

The Clomid obtained from canadian pharmacy is of superior quality. It’s basically the same quality FDA brand drugs that are sold in all the countries. Hence for the same quality Clomid you can pay much less if it from Canada. The drugs are all tested for quality by most Canadian online stores before they hit the shelves.

Generic Clomid

Canadian pharmacies also contain generic version of Clomid in addition to the brand Clomid. Generic version is a much cheaper version of Clomid intended for people who do not bother much about the brand value and who are looking primarily at cost savings. The quality of generic Clomid is also first-rate because generic Clomid is also approved by the FDA. Cheap Clomid pills with best quality are only possible with generic Clomid from Canadian online pharmacies.

Availability of different doses of Clomid

An online drugstore from Canada also has different dosages of Clomid which is 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. These dosages are the same both for brand and generic versions of Clomid. But you must only buy Clomid in the dosage that your doctor has advised and not experiment with new dosing schedule.

Clomid without prescription from Canadian online pharmacy

A Canadian pharmacy can supply Clomid without prescription. So if you are someone who is reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars for doctor’s consultation or if you already have used Clomid in the past and looking for a new prescription, a Canadian drugstore would be the ideal place for you in terms of getting the right prescription with the least amount of surcharge. Some pharmacies provide online script with no extra cost if you place the order from their pharmacy.

But not all online portals that declare themselves as Canadian are genuine. There are many bogus pharmacies that masquerade themselves as Canadian stores just because of the demand that these online stores have. So you must do your own research before picking a Canadian drugstore.


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