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Blog - I took Kamagra and the penis did not hardened?

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Most men who take Kamagra do so when they have not found any effectiveness with other ED medications, and Kamagra is one that for a range of patient groups. There are chances of the user not getting any effectiveness from Kamagra or that it stops working as effectively as it used to.
There is no need to panic is this happens to you as there are ways to overcome this problem easily. Keep track of how to respond to the erectile dysfunction medication and consult with the doctor on these during your next visit. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do if you feel that Kamagra is not working as expected.

Be mentally prepared

ED medications like Kamagra work only when there is sexual arousal. Be prepared for this with your partner so at the right moment you will be able to get the desired erection. Find out what works for you. Without any kind of sexual stimulation the drug will not be effective.

Avoid eating before taking the drug

Sometimes a heavy meal can reduce the effectiveness of Kamagra. Wait a few hours after a meal before taking the drug. If you must eat, you can avoid fatty foods, grapefruit, and alcohol, as they can interfere with the drug’s efficacy. Plan for the sexual activity right and the drug will definitely work.

Give some time for the drug to start taking effect

Every person responds differently to medication. Give yourself an hour or more before seeing if the drug is working for you or not. It can take much longer in order to feel the peak effects. Waiting for drug to take effect will give you a chance to enhance the mood with your partner. This can also help in increasing the pleasure of the experience rather than rushing it.

Continue with the prescribed dose

There are chances of Kamagra not working the first few times after taking it. Continue taking the prescribed dose so that your body gets used to the drug. Speak with the healthcare provider to see how long you need to keep taking the dose till you start seeing effects. Be sure to follow the dosage information and stick to the prescription information if you want to see results.

Change the dosage or the medication
Consider increasing the dosage with the help of the doctor if the Kamagra pills still do not seem to work. Perhaps a higher dosage is more suitable for your body. You can also address the cause of the ED so that the ED medication works better. Switch to alternate drug treatments if Kamagra still does not work. ED is treatable and may not always be in the form that you think works.


Andrew March 29, 2017 at 2:11 PM

i have used kamagra myself,but you must be sexually aroused for it to work effectivly

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