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Blog - How does Suhagra work to cause an erection?


Suhagra is taken by millions of people in the world. There are many myths prevailing among men. We are going to debug some of the myths in this blog. First myth is does Suhagra increase libido in a man when it is taken. Second myth is that the drug protects a man from sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Suhagra and STD’s before seeing the answer for this, let us first know about how Suhagra works. This is a PDE5 inhibitor. The mechanism of this medication starts to work only under the presence of sexual stimulation. This only relaxes the muscles in the penile area thus improves excessive blood flow. Sexual arousal only triggers this action. Without the libido there is no use in taking a pill. A man would not experience any effect on the erectile dysfunction.

Now, let us come to the point. Taking Suhagra does not increase the libido. Suhagra will give you an erection, but it won't give you motivation for the motion, so to speak. Not only doesn't it affect sexual desire, you need to be able to be sexually aroused for the drug to work. Here's a little bedroom chemistry: When you become sexually aroused, your brain sends signals to your penis where cells start producing nitric oxide, a messenger chemical that tells your smooth muscle cells: Relax! This allows blood to fill and engorge the penis. Suhagra and other phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors help with blood flow, but they don't act on your brain to sexually simulate you.

Secondly, Suhagra does not protect a man from getting affected by STD. People stop using condom or other safety measures because they believe that this medication would give them protection. In a survey, those who took Suhagra are prone to get affected by STDs compared to the ones those who are not prescribed with this medication. So, both these myths are absolutely false.

What mistakes do people do when they are on Suhagra?

People assume things and this is definitely a big mistake. Apart from this, they believe that it can act as a contraceptive pill. But the fact is that, it does not prevent pregnancy. If you are involved in unprotected sex, no matter what your age is, you would get affected by STD or there are chances for impregnation.

If you have any questions then you can clarify through the blogs in our website. It is better rather than indulging in an issue.

What should you do when Suhagra is taken?

To increase the sexual desire, you can indulge in activities with your partner. You can switch to aphrodisiac foods. This can help you to improve the effect in you. Use condom or other safety methods while indulging in a sexual intercourse though you took Suhagra medication.

If you are a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction then it is the best idea to take this drug. But, apart from it, you should not have any expectation. We accept that Suhagra is a very good medication but the single pill could not cater the different needs. Take the medication for which it is approved. If you still believe in false myths then you would end up in trouble. So stay protected and indulge in sexual activity. Take the Suhagra medication and improve your sexual health as well as live your life as your wish. If you're having arousal problems, see your doctor who'll draw some blood to determine if you're low on testosterone, the libido hormone. Replacing what you don't have can often bring back that loving' feeling.


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