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If you are a person suffering from anxiety disorder, then it is a must to take a suitable treatment. Anxiety is a condition which might lead a person to get affected from cancer, heart attacks or any other fatal diseases.
But, what to choose as there would be many medications in the market to treat this medical ailment. Taking the right decision would definitely be a tedious task. There are two best medications in the market namely abilify and ativan.
These drugs can be taken to treat different forms of anxiety disorder. You have to opt for a drug that would be suitable to treat your medical condition

Which medication should you choose to get rid of the condition?
There are too many disadvantages in taking Abilify when compared with Ativan medication. Suicidal thoughts that a person gets is very dangerous. You would never know what this would lead to. When comparing both the medications, Ativan has most of the positive points compared to Abilify. Ativan is comparatively safe to be taken compared to Abilify medication. We are not saying that Abilify is not an effective medication but we are mentioning that Ativan is far better than the other drug. Though Ativan has the risk of severe side effects, it can be avoided by taking it for a shorter period. This drug is the top in the selling ratio.

Both the medications do a good job on mitigating the anxiety disorder. These drugs would not work the same for everyone. It depends on the age and how severe the medical ailment is. If the patient is suffering from severe anxiety or depression, a doctor would more likely to prescribe Abilify whereas if a patient is suffering from mild anxiety then a health care professional would instruct to take Ativan medication. Try to take these medications only for few weeks to avoid becoming dependent

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