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News - Propecia is the only FDA-approved orally

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Hair in men is very commonly seen and many would like to stop losing more hair or try to regrow the lost hair. Propecia is the only FDA-approved orally administered hair loss drug that actually works and can do both. It is also less expensive than other hair loss treatments available today, which are usually not that effective either. propecia buyers usually prefer using online pharmacies as they can order the drug for cheap and in larger quantities, which is very useful as the medication is indicated in the long-term treatment of hair loss.


Propecia, which is the popular brand name of the Finasteride medication, is available for purchase online in the dosage strengths of 1 mg and 5 mg. Most healthcare providers prescribe Propecia 1mg to their hair loss patients. This is a very effective dose and a lot of buyers have benefitted from it. But this Propecia dose is also the first choice many, and the reason why is seen below

Why Propecia 1mg is the first choice for buyers?
The 1 mg Propecia is the minimum dose that is available. Even the small dose is highly potent and one can get the benefits of the hair loss medication with this strength itself. Canadian online pharmacy buyers can easily get canadian propecia for cheap, as this dosage is also available with other generic variants too. Taking Propecia 1 mg at the same time every day helps to effectively suppress the DHT levels, which is the reason behind the excessive hair fall. The patient is advised to buy Propecia 5mg only when this dose does not work. In such cases, the 5mg strength is almost sure to work for nearly every individual. 1mg Propecia can be taken safely without the worry of side effects that usually increase as the dose also increases. In any case, Propecia 1 mg is the easiest available for purchase and its low cost makes it highly favored among buyers.

How to get the best results for treating hair loss with 1mg Propecia?
When you buy Propecia 1 mg you can also take steps to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from the medication. Learn to identify the drug with every purchase that you make in an online pharmacy so that you would know if the pills you received are authentic or not. If you accidentally receive the higher dose, you may get the order exchanged to the lower dose itself. 5mg Propecia is generally not recommended unless that is the only dose that works for you. Take the Propecia pills for as long as possible. You may initially see higher hair fall but this just means that the drug is working. In a few months you will start to see the regrowth of new hair from the newly formed hair follicles. Do not skip doses and adhere to the dosing schedule as much as possible. Follow all dosage information precisely for safe and best results.







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